Earlier this year, the New York Times ran an opinion piece written by David Adler. The title of the article is Centrists Are the Most Hostile to Democracy, Not Extremists. A title like that assumes that words like centrist and extremist have widely accepted meanings. They don’t; they exhibit the cheap, louche language of identity groupthink.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The Fallacies of Confusion vs. the Realities of the Economic Way

  • Fascism does not belong on the far right of the political spectrum. It is a form of collectivism. All forms of collectivism belong on the left (fascism, socialism, ethno-nationalism, etc.). Individualism belongs on the right, assuming a left-right model is even useful.
  • Centrists are not defined at all, except by what they are not. Most likely these respondents prefer a welfare state, and they don’t care how it is enacted. In the annals of human history, economic and political freedom are extreme outlier events. A centrist, by definition, will vote freedom away in favor of personal security.
  • Democracy is not a classically liberal principle. It leads to mob rule, such as campus radicals, Antifa, fascism and ethno-nationalism. The constitutional Republic is the classically liberal system of government with democratic elections for specific needs.

The Survey That Matters Most



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Mark Shupe

Mark Shupe

Mark Shupe writes about economic and political freedom.