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Atlas Shrugged Composed the Requiem for Seattle’s Grungelords

Not so long ago, someone told us “You. Can’t. Say. Anything.” This is America in 2020. Those who speak outside the narrative established by a hard-left mob that has marched through our institutions are blacklisted. If we fail to mount a forceful resistance, there’s a grim future awaiting us.¹

The story mentioned no names. “Inequalities still exist among us,” the newspapers were saying, “and cheat us of the benefits of our enlightened age. We fear an outbreak of violence,” the newspapers kept repeating.²

We’ve seen this coming. The casualty list has been growing for years. The purge is now white hot. What was a non-controversial statement last week is grounds for a death sentence tomorrow. It seems every day we see someone caving in with a groveling apology, declaring they suddenly have a lot to learn, swearing they’re looking forward to the moment they can meet with their hostage-takers and work toward a resolution that will appease them.¹

Their faces had a look of fear and cunning, the look of blackmail through virtue which he had learned to understand, as if they hoped to get away with it by means of nothing but his pity. They had counted on his pity and dreaded his anger; they had not dared consider the third alternative.²

No manifesto exists to guide the shock troops through their revolutionary occupation of our society. But recently, on the day Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy was forced to ask forgiveness for the sin of wearing a One America News t-shirt, praising the network, and criticizing the mainstream media, a maniacal Twitter storm from a leftist blogger laid out the belief system that under-girds the movement.¹

What he saw in her eyes was terror — not the helpless terror of struggling and failing to understand, but the terror of being pushed toward the edge where to avoid understanding would no longer be possible.²

Got that? Those who hold different views are deranged. They’re criminals. Dangerous. They shouldn’t be allowed to hold jobs where they might have some influence over others. They need to be forced into hard labor and sent to re-education camps, where they will be brainwashed to ensure they will engage only in Orwellian goodthink.¹

You keep pressing us for answers when we haven’t any answers to give. You keep beating us with logic — what’s logic at a time like this? What’s logic when people are suffering?²

The purge should have never been allowed to come this far. But the elitists who control universities, school boards, corporations, the media, sports leagues, have surrendered rather than stand on principle, as have a good number of high-profile individuals.¹

The boy’s teachers had delivered him to the thugs gun. As the soft, safe assassins of college classrooms who, incompetent to answer the queries of a quest for reason, took pleasure in crippling the young minds entrusted to their care.²

Is there not one provost or school president or dean in higher education, one public school superintendent, one corporate CEO, one publisher or editor who will resist? Who will say that expressing thoughts that challenge the narrative is not grounds for banishment and dismissal? Who will say that no apology is needed for speaking freely?¹

Yet man, whose tool of survival is the mind, does not fail to teach a child to think, but devotes the child’s education to the purpose of destroying his brain, of convincing him that thought is futile and evil, before he has started to think.²

It’s an increasingly common form of bullying, one that goes to the very heart of what defines us as a free nation. A society in which only pre-approved speech can be uttered is not healthy. It’s a tyranny, rancid and terror-filled. The only choice is to resist.¹

Armed with nothing but meaningless phrases, this boy had been thrown to fight for existence, he had hobbled and groped through a brief, doomed effort, he had screamed indignant, bewildered protest, and had perished in his first attempt to soar on mangled wings.²

How did anti-conceptual slogans become proof of intellect? Why does joining a mob pass for courageous self-expression? When did the threat of violence and mass looting of innocent lives become justice?³

He saw a lout scurrying across a patch of lamplight, swinging a lethal pipe at a wall of glass panes, battering them down with animal relish, dancing like a gorilla to the sound of crashing glass.²

The cultural civil war that has been simmering underneath the surface is now boiling. Consider that as much as the protests can largely be described as peaceful, they have now led to more than a dozen deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage and theft.ˆ

He had seen, in a final image, the soul and essence of his enemies: the mindless face of the thug with the club. It was not the face that made him draw back in horror, but the professors, the philosophers, the moralists, the mystics who had released that face upon the world.²

The ‘abolish the police’ movement is the final piece needed to replicate the mentality of the New Left in the late 1960s–positions so crazy that only people completely out of touch with reality can advocate them with a straight face.ˆ

She watched them through the reports about bullet riddled cars, dismantled tracks, attacked trains, besieged stations, the futile doomed outbreaks, prompted by nothing but despair, ending in nothing but destruction.²

The images of woke white protesters brought to their knees across the country, apologizing to the mob for sins they did not commit, is jarring and disturbing. At the heights of elite power — in the corporate board rooms that have decided to blast us with emails touting their payment of indulgences to cement their status as allies.ˆ

Then announcing their secession from the country, as if fighting murder with suicide: went on to seize all property within their reach, to declare community bondage of all to all, and to perish within a week. Their meager loot consumed, in the bloody hatred of all for all, in the chaos of no rule save that of the gun, to perish under the lethargic thrust of a few worn soldiers sent out from Washington to bring order to the ruins.²

Do not apologize for what is important — your personal happiness, ability, and achievement. The looters in government, media and city streets demand our acceptance of unearned guilt because its all they have.³

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